What is the difference between permanent makeup and microblading?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing also known as micro-pigmentation, which mimics the look of just-applied lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. Using tattoo techniques to apply designs that would resemble makeup. It is virtually the same thing as getting a traditional tattoo, using a device to implant ink into the dermis. 

Microblading  is a manual method of implanting hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create the look of fuller, fluffier, natrual brows. This technique is considered semi-permanent, and because the pigment sits so superficially in the skin, the strokes are sharp, crisp, and mimic the look of real hair! 


How long does each treatment last?

Both types of treatments require two visits, your initial visit, as well as a touch up treatment 6-8 weeks later. Our bodies naturally try to reject the pigment that is implanted into the skin, it sees it as a foreign object and tries to push it out, kind of like a splinter. You may lose some hair strokes here, a little pigment there, etc.. After your second treatment, also known as your touch-up appointment, we will reinforce any lost pigment, hair strokes, and will also have the ability to alter the color and/or shape if needed. Permanent makeup brows, eyeliner and lips can last anywhere from 3-5 years, depending on the environmental exposure they receive. Microblading lasts 18-24 months, and thanks to the semi-permanent application technique, you have the beauty of changing your brow shape as trends change. 


Does it hurt?

My main goal is to give you beautiful brows, eyeliner, and lips, but I also strive to keep you as comfortable as possible! I use three separate numbing agents; your initial topical numbing cream, a second topical balm which works on broken skin(once we start tattooing/microblading) and a third topical gel, which is also an antiseptic and keeps your skin calm from any swelling.


Where are the treatments performed?

I perform all of my services at the beautiful Skin NV in South Tampa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as two Saturdays a month. You can call to schedule appointments with me at 813.839.4141. Also, feel free to check out their website to all the services offered at www.skinnvtampa.com